Monday, August 2, 2010

So it's been close to a year..

A close friend just started a blog, and reminded me that I too have one, albeit sorely neglected! So I thought I would attempt to log in an hey, it worked, didn't require too many forgotten passwords, and here I am again after almost a year. At this rate, at least I won't overwhelm anyone with posts! I only have two followers anyway, I love you, Kelley and Irene~

Well, it's been an interesting summer. Erina's Tamale Shop has really morphed into Erina's Catering Services With a Few Tamales Here and There!

We catered an amazing wedding in downtown LA at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church on Wilshire Blvd. in early July. It was really a stretch for me, but I loved the challenge. The bride and groom were both English teachers in Istanbul and we made all the plans online, only actually meeting face to face in front of the final buffet! Their theme was "Travel" and so they wanted their dinner to be an international smorgasborg. We did an Asian table consisting of Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese foods, a Middle Eastern Table with Greek delicacies, and an Italian Table.

Later in July we catered the Freedom Festival in Long Beach; a Clean and Sober concert in the park, for our second year running. We provided Tamale Lunches for the bands backstage, and just so enjoyed the music and people. I have massive respect for them and their cause, and look forward to that event always.

We are ramping up currently for our biggest event to date, a 350 person formal dinner at Crossroads Church in Corona, my home church.

After that, we'll do food at the beautiful Artistic License Fair in Costa Mesa, CA October 29 and 30. Not yet knowing how to make something "clickable", here is the website: The fair features around 60 local artists who produce the most incredible works in jewelry, clothing, woodwork, ceramics, painting and photography. The event is nestled among the ancient oaks and an historic adobe at Estancia Park in Costa Mesa. Truly a lovely outing.

All business aside, we have found a lovely way to celebrate our dearest friendships..on a budget! We've been utilizing our catering equipment to set up seaside dining with friends in Laguna, on the bluffs at Heisler Park. Al Fresco dining at it's best, To dine with friends while watching whales and dolphins from that beautiful vantage point has been the highlight of our summer!

Posing again, sooner I hope! Be well, be blessed and watch some Curtis Stone videos!


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Just letting everybody know that we had to get more freezers, to pack in our inventory of tamales for the holidays. We have:

Pork and Green Chile
Chicken and Red Chile
Jack Cheese and Veggies (roasted red bells, corn, tomatoes, onions, and few jalapenos)
Black Bean, Corn, Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato, Jalapeno, Onion...alias VEGAN tamales!

The masa for all of them is just fresh ground corn, vegetable oil, salt, sugar and baking powder, so its very light and thin. We're all about thin masa, with LOTS of filling.

We can deliver them steamed, or ship them frozen. Send me an email at!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just created a blog by mistake but hey...

As my title says, I was just trying to contact a blogger recommended to me by a good foodie friend, and ended up accidentally creating my own blog...but, hey, it's a pretty good idea at this point in my "business development" so I'm kind of thinking it might be yet another one of those God things..!

Well, I am a caterer in the Corona, CA area who specializes in tamales, but really just a foodie with a niche. I love flavors, they are like artwork to me, and I have heard that it is a genetic disorder. I believe that, seeing the way I and other foodies behave, as compared with non-foodies.

Anyway, I've been growing my business for three years, and I have just graduated to having my own facility and two women in the other room making tamales for me, thus for the first time in three years, I find myself in the blogosphere! Hello!

But time for business, that will have to do for now!

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