Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just created a blog by mistake but hey...

As my title says, I was just trying to contact a blogger recommended to me by a good foodie friend, and ended up accidentally creating my own blog...but, hey, it's a pretty good idea at this point in my "business development" so I'm kind of thinking it might be yet another one of those God things..!

Well, I am a caterer in the Corona, CA area who specializes in tamales, but really just a foodie with a niche. I love flavors, they are like artwork to me, and I have heard that it is a genetic disorder. I believe that, seeing the way I and other foodies behave, as compared with non-foodies.

Anyway, I've been growing my business for three years, and I have just graduated to having my own facility and two women in the other room making tamales for me, thus for the first time in three years, I find myself in the blogosphere! Hello!

But time for business, that will have to do for now!


  1. Hola, Erina. You are my foodie friend hero! xoxo K

  2. I need your html help, my darling!!!! aaahhh, what am I doing?


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